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Virtual Eagle Kit

The Virtual Eagle Kit is a way to remoately engage with your students about wildlife, ecosystems and more.

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Ecosystems , Wildlife

Jul 6, 2022

The Virtual Eagle Kit is a way to engage with your students remotely and teach about wildlife, ecosystems, and more.

The Virtual Eagle Kit is a way to engage with your students remotely and teach about wildlife, ecosystems and more. Here are some great eagle-themed activities and resources.

Duke Farms Eagle Cam: 24/7 live-cam from the Duke Farms eagle nest. Users can rewind up to 2 hours from the live stream.
2019 Eagle Banding: A short video summarizing the eaglet banding process.

Eagle Cam Observations Log: Fillable PDF form where participants can log observations and the feeding schedule in the nest.
Eagle Cam Scavenger Hunt: An activity to complete during active nesting season. Students can check off activities as they happen.
Bald Eagle Ecology Trivia Quiz: 10 questions on bald eagle ecology. Kahoot is a free online trivia platform.

Additional Resources
Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ EagleTrax: Several eagles banded by the state were fitting with a tracker. EagleTrax allows users to track their location. E88, “Duke”, was banded at Duke Farms in May 2019.
New Jersey Bald Eagle Project, 2019: Overview of the state bald eagle conservation project.
Bald Eagle E-Book: Written in 2016, this free e-book provides an overview of bald eagle conservation and the nest at Duke Farms.

Eagle Cam FAQs
National Eagle Center
Decorah Eagle Cam

"My Little Book of Bald Eagles"
Hope Irvin Marston

"Esther the Eaglet: A True Story of Rescue and Rehabilitation (Wildlife Rescue Stories)"
Christie Gove-Berg

"The Eagles are Back!"
Jean Craighead George

"Inside a Bald Eagle’s Nest"
Teena Ruark Gorrow

"Is a Bald Eagle Really Bald?"
Martha E. H. Rustad

"The Bald Eagle"
Norman Pearl

"The Ultimate Coloring Book Collection: #8 Eagles"
Adrian Nantchev

"Eagle in the Sky"
Ryan Jacobson

A closeup of a bald eagle head, its yellow beak and piercing light yellow eyes focused on something off screen

Virtual Eagles Kits are Aligned to Multi-Disciplinary Standards

For more ideas on implementing the Duke Farms Virtual Eagle Kit into your instructional plan, contact Kate Reilly, Manager of Education, Duke Farms at

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Tags: Ecosystems , Wildlife

July 6, 2022