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Healthy Habitats

Bald Eagles depend on clean and healthy rivers, tall trees, and abundant wild fish. That’s what Duke Farms works hard to provide every day.

Partnership Overview

n partnership with the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, the Duke Farms Eagle Cam offers an up-close and personal view into the lives of a pair of Bald Eagles as they breed, incubate and raise young. Duke Farms is restoring the environment to support the return of Bald Eagles to New Jersey. Eagles need healthy forests, healthy rivers, and healthy populations of fish to thrive. Join our worldwide community of eagle watchers! 


Remember, although we have access to witness their behaviors, the eagles are still wild animals. If you find the nesting behaviors of the eagle chicks bothersome or disturbing, do not watch the Eagle Cam. 

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Newly-hatched chicks are helpless and require close parental care. After ~five weeks, the chicks begin to stand up and feed themselves when the adults deliver food.


Juvenile bald eagles have dark beaks and plumage - it takes four to five years to develop the characteristic yellow bill and white head of an adult eagle.


The nest is located ~80 feet off the ground in an American sycamore on a restricted area of the property.


During banding, NJ DEP scientists install two bands on a bald eagle - a green NJ band and an aluminum federal band.

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December 2023 Eagle Cam Update

December Eagle Cam Update

Duke Farms Eagle Cam viewers were left wondering about the upcoming nesting season after the Bald Eagle collapsed last summer, casting uncertainty as to whether the eagles would rebuild or find a new nest site away from the camera.

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This kit is a way to engage with your students remotely to teach them about wildlife, ecosystems and more.

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