Free entry passes are required for Saturday visitors.

Duke Farms

Property Highlights & Activities

Experience the natural beauty & biodiversity of New Jersey's piedmont region

Field Trips

Duke Farms offers a wealth of resources for educators and is an excellent field trip destination for students. On the property, teachers can lead their students independently through the Farm Barn Orientation Center and outdoor habitats, or follow self-guided lesson plans.

Our Farmers Market

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability and regenerative agriculture, Duke Farms hosts a seasonal farmers market, providing the community with locally produced, high quality nutritious food. The market runs on Sundays from May through November. The rest of Duke Farms continues to be closed Sunday while the market is running.

Did You Know?

The Duke Farms Market launched in 2015.

The Café

We are passionate and committed to providing a unique food experience that brings high-quality, locally-produced dishes to visitors. These lovingly crafted epicurean delights are created through the support of a culture of shared environmental values, all to strengthen the local food system and reduce our ecological footprint.

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Did You Know?

Duke Farms protects threatened and endangered birds using rotational grazing practices. Our herd of 100+ cattle produces healthy, productive grassland habitat for the birds and regeneratively raised grassfed beef for our farm-to-table café menu.

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We Are Stewards & Leaders of Conservation & Sustainability