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Caring for the Land

We actively manage and restore ecosystems to protect and promote biodiversity. We care for over 2,740 acres of serene meadows, expansive grasslands and lush forests teeming with life.


Regenerative agricultural practices that work in harmony with nature to provide foods while combatting climate change, supporting wildlife and empowering farmers and communities.


Nature positive, carbon negative.

Duke Farms strives to operate sustainably, reducing carbon emissions and fossil fuel reliance while advancing land stewardship practices that maximize carbon sequestration and enhance biodiversity.

Eagle Cam

In partnership with the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, the Eagle Cam allows viewers an up close and personal view into the lives of a pair of bald eagles as they breed, incubate and raise young.

View Our Eagle Cam

Did You Know?

A total of 32 eagle chicks have been raised and fledged from the Duke Farms nest since 2005.

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