The Orientation Center and Café will be closed for an event from Tuesday, February 27 – Thursday, February 29. The property will be open for visitation during normal hours of operation from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Duke Farms

A greenhouse oasis

Orchid Range

Our LEED Platinum certified Orchid Range was designed by Boston architects Kendall Taylor & Stevens – it was the first ornamental building constructed at Duke Farms. Less than a mile from the Orientation Center, located in the Core, the Orchid Range houses a Subtropical Display and a Tropical Orchid Display focusing on plants native to the United States.

Tropical Orchid Display

The Tropical Orchid Garden is filled with a wide variety of orchid species from tropical regions along with some of the magnificent orchids that have been cultivated at Duke Farms throughout its history.

Support greenhouses hold orchid plants in various stages of growth and bloom in preparation for orchid programs, demonstrations and presentations in the Tropical Orchid Display.

Did you know?

Phalaenopsis Doris, registered by Duke Farms in 1940, was of unprecedented importance in the hybrid Phalaenopsis breeding.

Subtropical Display

This display is filled with orchids that have evolved in cooler subtropical locations where winter nights dip to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Naturally-occurring orchid species are highlighted to demonstrate their growing habits – among trees, on branches and upon rocks.