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Duke Farms After Dark: Firefly Meadow Walk

A unique after-hours opportunity to take in all the changes that dusk brings to Duke Farms and to see...
Thu, Jul 20, 8:00 PM
Duke Farms  •  Hillsborough Township, NJ

About This Event

A unique after-hours opportunity to take in all the changes that dusk brings to Duke Farms and to see our meadows aglow with fireflies!

Whether you call them fireflies, lightning bugs, or one of their many other names, these insects are some of the most beloved and anticipated ambassadors of summer all across the world. On this walk, we’ll celebrate our native species of bioluminescent beetle by exploring the wildflower meadows that they love and discussing some fascinating aspects of their biology. Do you know how many species live in New Jersey, how to them tell apart by their flash patterns and colors, or what makes them glow like that? Do you ever wonder if there are fewer fireflies illuminating the night sky than there used to be, or how we can help to make sure they thrive in and brighten our neighborhoods for years to come? Come along and find out!

Children may attend but must be closely monitored. Be prepared for uneven paths that may be rocky and muddy. This class is totally outdoors, and you will be walking and standing for the duration of the program. To protect wildlife and the preserve the experience for others, we do not encourage the use of flashlights during this event.

Meet in front of the Farm Barn Orientation Center for check-in. We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before the start of class. We cannot accommodate late arrivals and the class will depart on time.


Please stay home if you are sick. Pre-registration is required, walk-ins will not be accepted. No refunds and no exchanging or transferring tickets. Please note that each participant must be registered. Unless otherwise noted, ALL programs at Duke Farms are RAIN or SHINE.

Please contact with any questions.

In 2022, Duke Farms celebrates 10 years of working towards Doris Duke’s vision for a more creative, equitable, and sustainable future. As a world class center and leader in environmental stewardship, Duke Farms has inspired countless people to become informed stewards of the land while improving regional environmental health. Duke Farms is committed to supporting and growing a sustainable, better future for all.​

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