A special message from our Executive Director:

In May 2012, we opened to the public and, within just two years, we have already hosted over 700,000 visitors. This raises a number of issues, so we are constantly adapting to the needs of visitors while making sure that we can protect our wildlife and habitats. Now that Spring is finally here, you will notice a few changes during your next visit to Duke Farms. Some of these changes will include:


  • Bikeshare Program changes: After a wildly successful test program, we learned a lot about a bicycle share service. We have incorporated these changes into BikeShare 2.0. In particular, please note the change in location of the Program, and the new procedures for checking out one of our bicycles.


  • Bicycle Helmets for All Riders: Wearing a bicycle helmet can reduce facial and head injuries by 85%. We want you to be safe while visiting our property. From now on, we will be requiring bicycle helmets for all visitors - even if  you come with your own bicycle. For more bicycle safety information, please visit our friends at Ridewise and  League of American Bicyclists.


  • Traffic signal: Visitor safety is a priority for Duke Farms. With so many pedestrians crossing Dukes Parkway West, it became obvious that there was a need for a traffic signal at this crossing. Thank you to our local officials in Hillsborough Township and Somerset for helping us make this happen! 


  • Tram crossing change: One Crossing. We are going to take advantage of this new traffic signal on Dukes Parkway West and move our tram crossing to this One Crossing, multiple use approach. This means that there will one crossing of Dukes Parkway West, with parallel but separate crossings for pedestrians and trams. Keep an eye out for an announcement when this change goes live later this Spring. CLICK HERE for map.


  • Tram route and stops change:  New Route and Tram Stop. This year, after we have One Crossing in place, we are going to change the tram route a bit. You will still be able to stop at the Orchid Range and the Old Foundation – but this year we will be adding a Coach Barn tram stop. Keep an eye out for when this change will go into effect, hopefully by the end of June. CLICK HERE for map.


Keep an eye out for more exciting updates coming your way. We’re having fun. We hope you have fun too!




Discover Duke Farms! Bike or hike new trails through a variety of habitats, attend a nature or horticulture program, take an organic gardening class, go on a geocaching adventure or bring the children for a Family Wonder Walk.


Looking for ideas on what to do with your family during your visit? Check out our Family Activity Sheets. Print them out and bring them on your next journey to Duke Farms!


Bring your GPS and follow our GeoTrail to find 11 caches located on the property. LEARN MORE


See the images our visitors have posted of what they've seen and done or upload your own photos on our FLICKR Gallery


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Hours of Operation

Monday & Tuesday: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Wednesday:  CLOSED

Thursday & Friday: 8:30 - 6:00pm

Saturday & Sunday:  8:30 - 6:00pm



Your journey to Duke Farms begins at the Orientation Center, located  at 1112 Dukes Parkway West in Hillsborough, N.J. (908) 722-3700 ext. 4.


While at the Orientation Center watch a short video on the history and evolution of Duke Farms, learn about stewardship through interactive displays and pick up an eco-kit, field guide or site map.


Duke Farms is sensitive habitat for a variety of species; therefore, pets are not allowed on the property.


For more information on site access, tram service and our rules & regulations go to FAQs and Rules.

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