Making an Impact


At Duke Farms, we work hard to preserve the healthy, ecologically-functioning habitats that coexist with our buildings, gardens, and roads in the landscape. Through diligent stewardship, conservation, and education, we aim to inspire visitors through ecological research and sustainability. We aspire to instill a conservation ethic in our visitors to fight the adverse effects of climate change and safeguard our planet.


The scale at which Duke Farms conducts habitat restoration can be daunting for even the most environmentally-conscious people, but there are plenty of ways you can be an active steward of the land; help local wildlife thrive, fight the adverse effects of climate change, and learn how you can advocate for sustainability at home, work, and schoolwith resources from Duke Farms.

Visiting Duke Farms

A visit to Duke Farms is an opportunity to experience New Jersey’s native landscape at its finest, and to engage with it however you’d like. We’re located in Hillsborough on a 2,740-acre property, where over 1,000 acres are open to the public for self-discovery, outdoor activities, and education and research related to ecological sustainability.

Plan Your Visit